VoiceOver Accessibility for the Premera iOS mobile app


research AT-A-GLANCE

I built the accessibility capability through research on the Premera mobile team from scratch: from planning studies for blind and low-vision participants, developing VoiceOver best practices for the team, and growing partnerships with accessibility specialists in the Seattle area.


As a health insurance company, Premera Blue Cross plays a vital role in the lives of our members - especially those of varying abilities.

Our work supports member who use assistive technology connect to their insurance account on their mobile smartphone, as any sighted user could, and access their Personally Identifiable Information (P.I.I.) in a safe, secure and private way.

Thanks to the work, the mobile team has integrated accessibility into our acceptance criteria for development and part of our QA check.


  • Accessibility champion on the mobile team

  • Usability

    • Planned accessibility studies with blind and low-vision participants

    • Produced recommendations to update the mobile app

    • Developed list of best practices from a usability perspective

  • Partnerships

    • Grew partnership with a large Premera client with digital accessibility requirements

    • Started partnership with accessibility vendor in Seattle area

    • Dedicated pairing time with blind and low-vision specialists with developers and content strategists

Being an internal advocate


You have really done an amazing job pursuing accessibility in the mobile apps. You have gone above and beyond to make sure that our members who are blind are not also invisible.

- Ben, iOS Developer


Thank you for your hard work and focus making our mobile app accessible! Your passionate persistence and creativity are paving the way for and inspiring teammates. Best of all – the work you’re helping the team accomplish will really make a difference in our customers’ lives!

- Maxine, Program Manager